First e-mail and some question

Hellow everyone,
I is my first mail to this list and I hope I can find some help (and be
able to help too).

My problem is, that I am working to make some Persian/Farsi fonts for
different WEB sites. One of them (which is very popular among people in the
cyberspace) is a font called Persian! 

I have tried to convert this font to TrueDoc by using the demo version of
the HexMac's program, but many characters apear as boxes in that font. I
had the same problem with the font when I installed it on NT first, so I
changed the character mapping of that font, re-defined it as "decorative"
and renamed all the character's name and unicode number to those in a
"decorative" font. After that, the font was installed and the document was
shown in a correct way in NT, but after MS's released ServicEPAck 3 of that
OS, the problem re-appeared and I had to remove the new font, and install
the original font instead, and it worked just fine!

I know that the demo version of the HexMac's program, does not convert all
the files into TrueDoc font format and some of them will be miising, so I
sen the font to a friends of mine in Germany who has bought HexMac and
asked him to convert the font for me, but the result was the same, many of
the characters are missing there and I don't know how to take care of that

Does anyone had any experience with that program? Similar problems? Any
solution to this?

With regards,
Farhad A.

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Received on Saturday, 30 May 1998 12:28:37 UTC