Font-adjust: a CSS enhancement proposal

I proposed this to the www-style group Friday. Because it concerns fonts, I think it might interest this group, as well. I welcome any comment:

Summary: font-adjust provides a simple means to preserve the legibility and
much of the readability characteristics of rendered text when a
stylesheet's "first-choice" font is not available, and font-substitution
occurs. Adjustments are based on differences between (a) the ratios of em-
to ex-heights and (b) the weights, of "first-choice" and substituted fonts.
Font-adjust could vastly increase the range of prudent choices for type
specification in stylesheets, advancing "font-independent typography" for
the Web.

I'd particularly like to know from type design experts whether I'm reinventing the wheel the "z" value, described in the linked document.

Todd Fahrner

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Received on Sunday, 14 December 1997 21:58:34 UTC