robot tag

I need your help. 
I sigened up to be on your listserv thinking it would be a group helping
to standardize font usage on the web.Instead I received tons of mail
from folks wanting info on your fontmonger product. Somehow I had been
listed as an expert on such matters.
When I sent requests to be deleted, they bounced back. I mailed again,
which printed my company address again automatically. Thus this email
has my company name on it twice, which brings it up very high on the
search engine results for that name.

The information from your archives is this:

       Subject: Re: FontMonger by Ares Software 
       From: Linda Heidtke <> 
       Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 09:41:02 -0800 
       From Tue Jul 29 12: 40:04 1997 
       In-Reply-To: <v0310280ab003d5d0ca0f@[]> 
       Message-Id: <v0310280db003dba0285a@[]> 
       References: <> 
       X-Sender: linda@ 

Infoseek says the only way I can delete my email from coming up on a
search for my company name is to do this:

In order for us to delete a site, it must  be obsolete (i.e. no longer 
   present on the server) or it must have a robots.txt file on its
server. For 
   more information on the robots.txt file, , see:
   Once you have the robots.txt file in place, please re-submit the page
so our Web robot will attempt to visit your site.  If you have the
robots.txt file in place, our robot will be blocked from re-scanning
that page, and it will then drop the page that is currently in our

So www font webmaster, if you can help me by putting the robots.txt file
tag on the site, I will gladly resubmit it to Infoseek. And I promise to
stay away from your site forever more.
Thanks for your assistance.
Linda H.

Received on Monday, 1 December 1997 20:02:47 UTC