Re: IE4 font security flaw

>Seems like a reasonable option, given that MS says it won't do anything
>about the problem. I assume (from that comment) that Daniel first notified
>MS about this. Presumably, if they were going to fix it, he wouldn't have
>posted this. Now that the whole world (so to speak) is working on cracking
>this, MS may have some incentive to get off their *#$)&&% and *fix* it.

I did contact MS first--that's why I have their statement. I'd hoped they'd
remove WEFT until they found a solution, but instead they just brushed it
off as the OS's problem. That's not an answer, that's an excuse.

Perhaps with the OpenType Jamboree next week in Redmond there'll be some
pressure to correct this quickly. With it public, they can't continue to
ignore the problem until it's too late to correct it.

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Received on Friday, 24 October 1997 02:14:09 UTC