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Chris Lilley wrote:
>There is a tension between trying to remove presentational attributes
>and trying to make du allowance for current implementations. For
>object, the UA needs to hand off some screen real-estate to whatever
>code is implementing the object (assuming it isn't the UA itself, which
>it might be).

I agree; in fact, we should take this discussion to the www-html list and
see what can be done.  While in general I support the current trend to
deprecate presentational HTML elements and attributes, there are *some*
practical requirements.  Both of the HTML 4.0 drafts actually deprecate
the height and width attributes, when in the case of the OBJECT element,
these two attributes should actually be encouraged or required if the
OBJECT is to have any chance of being displayed properly under current
implementations.  Ideally, the UAs would not require the height and width
attributes, but I think we can all understand the practicality of that
requirement (for display speed, resource consumption, and code size

(BTW, Chris, did "du" sneak in there when you meant to type "some"?
I do that all the time, when I'm spending most of my day speaking and
thinking in one language and then typing in my native language.)
E. Stephen Mack <>

Received on Monday, 6 October 1997 12:56:58 UTC