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What is the name of the product that is smaller then Acrobat? ENVOY. The New 
York Times seems to prefer ENVOY to Acrobat for the Web.
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Subject: PDF (was Re: mailing list)
Author: at huxleypo
Date:    11/8/96 4:24 AM

At 9:33 PM -0500 11/7/96, Makray Family wrote:
> > Acrobat. Get Acrobat 3 set up with your browser and see the examples 
> > the bottom of . Contrary to popular 
> > belief, PDFs are often smaller than the equivalent material in HTML. 
>  You got to be kidding me?! PDF files are always aleast *200 times the 
> of an html page. Have you really seen a pdf file smaller than a html?
You're mistaken. Many PDFs are carelessly generated, but the format is not 
inherently bloated. Yes, I've often produced PDFs of Web pages that are 
much smaller than the original. Point me to 5 random URLs and I'll make 5 
PDFs that are smaller as a whole.
Todd Fahrner

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