Bug in Adding Form data

Dear Clement Onime,

there is a little bug in www4mail, which is of the effect that when form
data are collected, values of fields which names contain the name of a
www4mail command are deleted. For example, if there is a field


containing the command name "send" in the field name, the value is lost
and just


is passed to the WWW request.

This is due to a change in www4mail that seems to have been made in
PATCH 7: Date 24th March 1999. In the subroutine basic_url_encoding
there is this loop:

        foreach (@supported_commands) {
                $_ =~ s/\ //g;
                if (&finder ("$lhs", "$_") > -1) {
                        $url = "";

The second line, which strips the trailing blank from "SEND ", has been
added and is responsible for the changed behaviour.

Saluton!	Dietmar P. Schindler

Received on Wednesday, 26 May 1999 06:02:05 UTC