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Fault report

From: <geoffh@southlights.gen.nz>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 99 23:54:00 NZST
To: www4mail-comments@w3.org
Message-ID: <MAIL.FB67@southlights.gen.nz>
Hi there from New Zealand,

Firstly thanks for your great service, I have downloaded many files
to help me with my current project.

However I cannot download the following webpage.


I only get back 40 bytes (as below).
The page contains many formulae, that would be nice to have, so I
wanted to download it as a PS file, but it seems to hang?

Many thanks, Geoff......


Details for Current Page
URL             :  http://www.database.com/~lemur/dmh-airy-1826.html.ps
Request Time    :  Tue Mar 23 18:53:19 1999
Delivery Time   :  Tue Mar 23 18:53:28 1999

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