RE: [Moderator Action] Re: European Commission considers mandator y digital rights management

"On the "stealable", I think, there is a fundamental difference. Stealing
normal materialized goods takes away the possession and fruits of the thing
to someone else. 
Copying digital content just produces another instance. It doesn't take away
a piece from another human. The only thing it does is to not obey to some
legal barrier of copying, invented to create a market. So copying outside
the legal framework is just diminuishing the chances for the estimated
benefit and NOT "stealing" at all. Being lawyers in a legal matter, we
should be clear after all and we also should avoid the war-language of some
marketing campaign."

That brings to mind 3-D printing, where a material object (such as a
cell-phone cover, even an artificial limb) is created with a printer, based
on "3-D printing" a digital asset.  It is interesting to see that another
instance of a digital object corresponds to a physical object of a
completely new kind, and, with technology improvements, could correspond to
almost any material object - not just what we think of as `multimedia'/media
asset. It also brings up the issue of the material worth of intellectual
property vs. the material worth of its realization. 


Received on Friday, 8 March 2002 16:42:20 UTC