upcoming workshop on drm

i am writing because i just became aware of the workshop that you will be
holding on rights management and i would like to know if it is too late to
participate (even as an observer). also, i would like to know if you have
to be a member of the w3c in order to participate. 

to give you an idea of why i would be interested in participating:
currently, i am doing a dissertation (based on a system dynamics
simulation model) on rights management ("Safeguarding Innovation and
Access: A Dynamic Model of Rights Management") where i look at the impact
of four different sectors (the legal regime, technical infrastructure,
market forces and norms) in the context of strong vs. weak property

also, if it is not too late to get involved, would you let me know if
there is still enough time to submit a position paper. 

thanks and looking for hearing back from you


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Received on Wednesday, 3 January 2001 13:04:10 UTC