Re: Web Registration: Interest Area Topics

Jonathan Hahn wrote:

> Hi! I just popped over to the mailing list archive because it occurred to
> that position papers might have been posted there (not exactly the case).

The position papers are currently available in the Members area, and are
still in review by the program committee.

> Anyway, I like your list.

Jonathan refers to my list of suggested interest areas, posted at:

> But I somehow doubt that we can cover all that ground in the time allotted
> unless we limit the discussion to "in-scope/out-of-scope".

I agree --- that was a fairly all-inclusive list! But remember, the note was
directed at expanding the list of "interest areas" in general, not toward
suggesting a specific format for the workshop. We will be fine-tuning the
actual program this week, based upon our review of the papers and our
interpretation of the goals of the workshop.

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