Workshop on Digital Rights Management

Dear Workshop Chairs,

founded in Mai 1997 the Digitale Hanse produced solutions for effective
copyright protection in the internet. Our focus is on Interent Monitoring.
DRM suffers from the dramatic weakness of being a closed system. Once a
intellectual work leaks out, the connection between work an owner is lost.
Internet Monitoring can reestablish this connection.

To shed light on these aspects, I, Frank Reichwein from Digitale Hanse
GmbH, Hamburg, want to attend the workshop. 

My position paper is attached to this mail.

Frank Reichwein 

Digitale Hanse GmbH
Sachsenfeld 2
20097 Hamburg
Tel +49 40 23855670
Fax +49 40 23855680

Received on Thursday, 21 December 2000 05:46:18 UTC