Re: [DOM3Events] keyCode and charCode [ISSUE-133]

On Fri, 06 May 2011 05:57:50 +0200, Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> Hi, Simon-
> It seems you were the original poster for ISSUE-133, adding keyCode and  
> charCode:
> I've followed Hallvord's suggestion (see below)... could you please let  
> us know if this satisfies you, as well?

I would be happier if it were normative, but I'm not going to object.

I don't see browsers implementing LegacyKeyboardEvent as an interface that  
extends KeyboardEvent, since this would cause all keyboard events to show  
up as "legacy" in debuggers and elsewhere. It seems better to specify it as

interface KeyboardEvent {

similarly to how HTML5 specifies legacy stuff; e.g.,-attributes-and-apis

> Thanks-
> -Doug
> Doug Schepers wrote (on 5/5/11 4:02 PM):
>> Hi, Hallvord-
>> There is a good bit of contention whether the keyCode and charCode
>> attributes should be added at all; either way, realistically,
>> implementations probably aren't going to change.

I would expect implementations to change if it gains  

>> As a compromise
>> position, we've added this as an informative appendix in revision 1.182,
>> using your text and tables.
>> Please let us know if this satisfies your issue.
>> Regards-
>> -Doug Schepers
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