Re: [dom3events] List of DOM3 Event Types

Hi, Anne-

Anne van Kesteren wrote (on 9/28/09 11:37 AM):
> Does this list really make sense? A lot of these events are in certain
> scenarios also dispatched to other objects and may also implement
> different interfaces. This is true e.g. for load, error, abort, etc.
> (Consider XMLHttpRequest, HTML media elements, HTML img element, etc.)

Can you elaborate on the specific extensions, if they conflict with the 
data in this table or the event type definitions?  I've tried to be 
clear in the spec (in a few places) that host languages or APIs may 
extend the interfaces.

> I guess this table makes the most sense for where DOM3 Events defines
> how they are dispatched, but even then another specification could use
> the same event type in a different context for a different purpose. That
> should be made clear somehow.

The prefatory material immediately before that list already says:

When used with an [XML 1.0] or [HTML5] application, the specifications 
of those languages may restrict the semantics and scope (in particular 
the possible proximal event targets) associated with an event type. 
Refer to the specification defining the language used in order to find 
those restrictions or to find event types that are not defined in this 

The following table provides a non-normative summary of the event types 
defined in this specification.

If you still think further qualifications are necessary, please supply 
me with some appropriate text for consideration.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Received on Friday, 30 October 2009 03:39:53 UTC