Re: DOM4 Core (was: childElements, childElementCount, and children)

On Mon, 19 Oct 2009 06:56:45 +0200, Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> Hi, Folks-
> John Resig wrote (on 10/18/09 1:50 PM):
>>>  They already do. Which casts some amount of doubt on Maciejs argument
>>>  that it was too performance heavy to implement in WebKit. :)
> Well, it does work in HTML, but not in SVG [1]... which may or may not  
> be desirable, since .children returns an HTMLCollection, and SVG  
> elements are not HTML elements.

That does not matter.

WebKit, Opera and Firefox include the svg element in the collection.

Opera and Firefox has .children on non-HTML elements.

>>>  p.s. It also works in Opera and IE.
> Sure, but I mentioned that already. :)  (Note to self... write pithier  
> emails.)
>> Yeah, .children is already the de facto standard here - implemented in
>> every major browser. It's a real shame that it hasn't (and won't?)
>> make it in to a spec, especially considering that it's already
>> implemented everywhere.
> Nothing to stop it from being specified, but I doubt that Internet  
> Explorer will change its behavior, since that will likely break existing  
> Web content (IE team, thoughts?).  I generally agree with Garrett here,  
> so I've followed up on my early promise to specify this by starting the  
> DOM4 Core spec [2], and included 'children' as an HTMLCollection (to  
> satisfy the case that John rightly describes), and 'childElements' as a  
> new ElementCollection (to supply a more progressive interface that  
> authors can rely on predictably).

I don't understand why we should have both .children and .childElements.  
Isn't one attribute enough?

> The WebApps WG is explicitly chartered [3] to produce the DOM4 Core  
> spec, along with a new version of Element Traversal:
> [[
>   Element Traversal 2.0
>      an extension of Element Traversal 1.0 to provide a nodelist  
> interface
> ]]
> However, I think it makes more sense at this point to simply include  
> these new attributes in DOM4 Core, along with the indispensable bits of  
> Element Traversal (that is, everything except the childElementCount,  
> which is superfluous to childElements.length).  I'd like this to also  
> contain the work that Simon Pieters did on Web DOM Core [4], if he's  
> willing to have that folded in (I left it out pending word from him...  
> he's BCCed on this message).


> I'm happy to help editing this document, but I would be even happier if  
> someone else would also step up to serve as co-editor.
> [1]  
> (cf. .html and .xhtml)
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> Regards-
> -Doug Schepers
> W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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