Re: [DOM3 Events] Initialising events (concerns)

Hi, Sergey-

Sergey Ilinsky wrote (on 9/24/09 6:36 AM):
> --- On Thu, 24/9/09, Doug Schepers<>  wrote:
>> Which specific change are you talking about?  If you have concerns,
>> state them clearly and succinctly, and we'll address them as best
>> we can.
> I am talking about event initialization methods - changing
> initXXXEvent to something different, such as possible properties bag
> passing.

We aren't adding property-bag passing.  We're considering allowing 
attributes to be writable between the time the event is created and when 
it is dispatched.  We would keep the existing initialization methods, 
for back-compat (though we are weighing the costs and benefits of not 
adding new ones for the new interfaces).

A language for which this is a problem would not have to allow the 
attributes to be writable.  It could continue to use the initialization 

Is this a problem for Java?

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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