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On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:51:17 +0200, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
> Anne van Kesteren wrote (on 9/22/09 12:27 PM):
>>> It deals directly with key identifiers and the key identifiers set
>>> (for example, there are also named values, not just various
>>> representations of the Unicode code points), so it's not just general
>>> character handling. I don't want to cripple authors because of
>>> misgivings about architectural purity...
>> I don't understand why we cannot have a single list and rather need to
>> have various identifiers for everything.
> Because there are different uses for the different values, and the open  
> Web platform currently doesn't have any way to deal with that.  This  
> happens to be a convenient place to do that, especially in the context  
> of the complexity of key events and i18n.

What are these different uses? As I understand the current specification  
keyIdentifier will only return the first value so what is the use for the  
other values?

>>> this is a directly related to DOM3 Events key identifiers, and it
>>> needs to be implemented in that context. Mozilla and Microsoft have
>>> already agreed that we need this, BTW.
>> Well, I disagree. I do not see the point in having this method as I do
>> not see the need for having multiple representations for everything in
>> the first place in the context of DOM Level 3 Events.
>> Furthermore I think putting createEvent on Document was a mistake in to
>> begin with. Especially with the design we have now where DOM events are
>> often used outside the context of documents. (Think of e.g. Web  
>> Workers.)
> Noted.


Anne van Kesteren

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