DOM3 Events Comments (was: Please Review mouseover, mouseout, mouseenter, and mouseleave)

Hi, Garrett-

Thanks for your comments.  I was specifically asking for review of the 
wording for the mouseover, mouseout, mouseenter, and mouseleave events, 
so other comments should go on a different thread (thus the change in 
subject line).

Garrett Smith wrote (on 9/10/09 6:20 PM):
> | To create an instance of the MouseEvent interface,
> | use the DocumentEvent.createEvent("MouseEvent") method call.
> The code would be functional if it were to call |createEvent| on an
> *instance* of DocumentEvent, and that could be marked up as:
> <code><var>document</var>.createEvent("MouseEvent");</code>

Okay, I'll take this under advisement.

> | Note: When initializing MouseEvent objects using initMouseEvent
> | or initMouseEventNS, implementations should use the client
> | coordinates clientX and clientY for calculation of other
> | coordinates (such as target coordinates exposed by DOM Level 0
> | implementations).
> Add:
> | ... (such as target coordinates exposed by DOM Level 0
> | implementations or other proprietary properties e.g.|pageX|).


> I had thought that |canDispatch| was out and I agreed with removing
> it. What is the reason for it?

It's marked at risk.  I want to get wider feedback from reviews of the 
public Working Draft before I actually remove the text.  This spec has 
been available as a W3C Note for over 7 years, so I want to make sure we 
aren't tripping anyone up too much.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Received on Thursday, 10 September 2009 22:48:33 UTC