Re: Current state of DOM2 Traversel and Range

Hi, Morten-

Morten Barklund wrote (on 9/8/09 7:36 AM):
> This actually does not sound as intimidating to me, as it might could have.
> I am quite an experienced technical writer, but of course never anything
> in this scale.

If you are interested in editing a new DOM Range and Traversal 
specification, this group could certainly help you along.  We greatly 
appreciate editors.

I have talked with Philippe Le Hegaret, the Interaction Domain Lead, and 
he agreed that Range and Traversal fall within the scope of our charter 
under the "DOM Level 4" deliverable (as does "Web DOM" and the new 
pen-tablet events we are looking at):

Document Object Model (DOM): DOM Level 3 Core 2nd Edition; DOM Level 3 
Events; DOM Level 4
a set of objects and interfaces for interfacing with a document's tree model

So, if you are willing to pick up part of this load, please contact me 
offlist and we will look into making you an Invited Expert on the 
WebApps WG.


-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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