Re: Copy/Paste Events

Just to enhance a bit the comments here, all the implementations  
guides I've seen about drag-and-drop very quickly rely on the fact  
that a state is assigned with the drag-operations-sequence, e.g. to  
define acceptance or rejection and that this state is unique globally  
on the whole user-interface.

Much of the behaviours of many GUIs change while a drop is happening,  
Apple's exposé is another such: you can trigger it while dragging.

I am sympathetic to timeless's wishes but I have the impression  
they're not really realistic, I don't see normal mobile phone user  
able to copy-and-paste instead of drag-and-drop with a cursor if the  
page developer has not also thought of enabling copy-and-paste...


Le 28-juil.-09 ā 15:38, Sebastian Markbåge a écrit :

> A similar issue has been brought to the WHATWG list:
> The spec doesn't define how the UA should select an element to do  
> your drop without a mouse - because drop targets may not be focusable.
> So, a copy/paste would not automatically be enabled for all drag/ 
> drop operations anyway. By having a separate copy/paste API, an app  
> developer would be required to provide a functional keyboard  
> alternative.

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