Re: Deprecating DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut

Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> Hi, Stewart-
> Stewart Brodie wrote (on 7/23/09 5:31 AM):
> >
> > Does that mean that for compatibility, I now need to raise focusin,
> > DOMFocusIn *and* focus events?  I think that would mean I now need to
> > raise 12 separate events just to transfer the focus from one node to
> > another in a different document!
> Actually, the point of this spec is to increase compatibility and decrease
> the number of events you'd need to use for modern browsers (can't do
> anything about older versions of browsers, alas).

> We have commitment to implement DOM3 Events from (at least) Internet
> Explorer and Firefox, and folks from WebKit and Opera are also
> participating (with the intent to implement, I assume).  That means that
> for the next version of each of those browsers, you can simply use
> focus/blur or focusin/focusout (they are slightly different, pick the
> pair you need), and it should work in all of them.

> DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut were never supported very well in desktop
> browsers (though SVG UAs did implement them), so you shouldn't miss them
> there.

It's nice to have a commitment from the major desktop browser vendors to
support a future DOM Events standard, but I'm more concerned with the effect
it's going to have on our own implementation of DOM Events.

Currently, we support DOM Level 2 events, plus most of the additions in DOM
Level 3.  Consequently, we support DOMFocusIn and DOMFocusOut.  I have no
way of knowing whether or not our customers use them in their content,
though - they were simply told that we supported DOM Level 2 Events, and
thus their HTML+JS should be written to that specification.

I'm not in favour of adding yet another set of focus-related events - the
whole area is complex enough as it is.

Stewart Brodie
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ANT Software Limited

Received on Thursday, 23 July 2009 10:57:47 UTC