D3E draft, comments, ACTION-373, part 2

Some more comments

5.2.4 Mouse Wheel Event Types

Is this what at least some browser implements?
The event is there for legacy support, so would be good to
ensure that it is as close to IE's (?) implementation as possible.

5.2.5 Wheel Event Types
Still not sure what would be the good name for this.
wheel? pan?

"The deltax, deltaY, and deltaZ" ->
"The deltaX, deltaY, and deltaZ"

deltaX/Y/Z are still underspecified, IMO.
I guess we need to test current browsers some more to see
how they behave for example when viewport is zoomed and "pixel 
scrolling" is used.
Also one thing to test is IE8+Win7+touchscreen pan. That is sort-of
related to wheel events.

5.2.7 Keyboard Event Types
"Note: If an application wishes to distinguish between right and left 
modifiers, this information could be deduced using keyboard events and 
I don't understand how could that work.
If I press 'a' and right ctrl, keylocation points still to 
DOM_KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD, because 'a' is in standard location.
Though, script could catch the keydown for ctrl and then check 
location...a bit ugly.

"Why should we not allow names in other ranges (Chinese, for example)?"
Would be great to get comments from i18n people.

"such as the XMLHTTPRequest"->
"such as the XMLHttpRequest"


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