Draft minutes 2009-03-03 DOM 3 Events telecon

Note that these minutes are a draft. If anyone disagrees with the record,  
please reply to this thread within one week or these will automatically  
become the authorised record.

Summary: (edited minutes attached)

Present: Chaals McCathieNevile, Doug Schepers, Smaug (Olli Pettay),
Carmelo Montanez
New Actions:
ACTION-320 Chaals to get someone at Opera who understands event
   implementation to comment on mutation events
ACTION-322 Chaals to notify public-webapps that discussion has shifted to
   www-dom (done)
ACTION-319 Olli to publish what he has found about mutation event
ACTION-321 Schepers to provide new draft ready to publish as Official
   draft on /TR
ACTION-318 Schepers to research what SVG defines for load.

Resolutions (provisional, pending no objection from the Working Group):
+ Extend ACTION-1 to a week from today.
+ Extend ACTION-6 by a week.
+ Extend ACTION-17 until we have a draft, change ACTION-16 to "Write more
+ Move ISSUE-27 to CORS
+ Move ISSUE-27 to CORS
+ Extend ACTION-312 by a week.
+ We move our discussion to www-dom, and chaals will send reminders every
   month, plus cc minutes and meeting notices to public-webapps with
   reply-to set for www-dom



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