RE: Mutation events - Opera's view ACTION-320

Hi Chaals,
Looking back on 
I see some suggestions from Jonas. Are these the proposed
changes you are referring to?
Best regards
Mike Wilson

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
> In summary, we implemented these ages ago. We think the 
> proposed changes
> would make the events more performant but less useful.
> If mutation events simply went away it would improve performance, of
> course. But there are some real use cases for them, as they are. So we
> are not sure if the proposed changes are actually a good idea.
> The use cases we identified are for script libraries, since one
> library doesn't necessarily know what other scripts are running, and
> writing a script that checks what else is running seems prohibitive.
> (There is also the ARIA example, where certain attributes need to be
> watched in some way. These could be done in a way other than mutation
> events, but that discussion is orthogonal I think).
> cheers
> Chaals
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