Re: L3 Core: 'check-character-normalization' underspecified

Curt Arnold <> wrote:

> What actions should be expected if a character in the document is not  
> fully normalized?  I'd assume that an error should be dispatched, but  
> the spec doesn't say.

LS specifies a 'check-character-normalization-failure' DOMError. Perhaps
this ought to be in Core, though given the resolution of
LSSerializer-iucd-issue it probably won't be.

> As far as I am aware there are no implementations supporting either of  
> these parameter being true.

pxdom supports both, but only on Python 2.3; earlier versions of the
unicodedata module do not provide character normalisation.

Andrew Clover

Received on Wednesday, 25 February 2004 19:06:10 UTC