Resolution of DOM XPath LC issue A4

DOM XPath module last call issue a4 was about the value of certain 
attributes of the DOM XPath Namespace node such as nodeValue, nodeName, 
prefix, and so on.  The working group has revisited the decision and 
changed the definition of the attributes as suggested. The values were 
clearly specified as null. NodeValue is now specified to return the 
string value of the XPath namespace node. localName returns the prefix, 
just the same as prefix. NodeName now returns "#namespace" because there 
was no other consistent value since localName and prefix are redundant 
and might be null.

See the issues list for more information at

Please let us know if you are, or are not satisfied with this resolution.

Ray Whitmer

Received on Wednesday, 11 December 2002 05:39:06 UTC