Resolution of DOM XPath LC Issue diether1

(Correction, incorrectly identified as diether7)

DOM XPath module last call issue diether1 was about the requirement that 
XPathEvaluator.createExpression should raise an INVALID_EXPRESSION_ERR 
if the expression is not legal makes it necessary to test the expression 
syntax immediately.

The working group was aware of the difficulty in doing this in a minimal 
implementation, but the alternative was to prevent the createExpression 
call from optimizing the resolution of the namespace APIs. This seems 
consistent with XPath 2.0 which clearly places the namespace resolution 
into the static context, not into the dynamic context.  For this reason, 
the working group has chosen to continue to require the exception 

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Please let us know if you are, or are not satisfied with this resolution.

Ray Whitmer

Received on Wednesday, 11 December 2002 04:36:40 UTC