Request: use NOM (Navigator Object Model) instead of "DOM Level 0 " to avoid confusion

Hi there,
    In your DOM specifications' glossaries, you've mention about DOM 0, eg
this URL:
    However, why you didn't just call it BOM (Browser Object Model) or NOM
(Navigator Object Model) instead of using this slang of DOM-0 ?  Actually,
my request is based on two points:
1) it's confusing because DOM-0 would mislead us to think about Document
whereas it's actually Navigator that we're talking about.
2) as a consortium, your every decision has a very big impact and infuence
on others.  And right now, many people are taking DOM-0 as _standard_ and
they would state your glossary as reference, but in fact, you _did_not_
define such a term as DOM-0.  You just borrowed it (as stated at the
beginning of the glossary but visibly few people had noticed that
    So I hope that you could do something to rectify this confusion.
    Respectfully yours,
SEAK Teng-Fong
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Received on Wednesday, 6 November 2002 15:03:08 UTC