Re: DocumentFragment and load/loadXML

I am not sure I completely understand your point:

Phillipe Wrote:
> And each Node would have a different set of parameters? or would you
> only support the parameters on the DOMBuilder of the Document and then
> the Node is only reusing them? I don't think it would make sense to
> support this method on one set of Nodes and not an other either.

What I am saying is that the DocumentLS interface would be far more usedul
if it was implemented by Nodes instead (i.e. NodeLS). Or, if there is some
good reason for not doing that, which I imagine there will be, then an extra
optional parameter could be added to the methods of DocumentLS so that they
allowed the node to load or save from to be specified.

I should have explained my intent better, but I think it would be very
useful to be able to load and retrieve XML (particulary strings) from nodes
(typically elements). Lots of people use this feature regularly (using
innerHTML) because working with elements that are interleaved with text
nodes becomes confusing, and extremely verbose using the DOM only.

Of course, loading and saving from nodes can be achieved with the current
spec. using the DOMBuilder. And, to reiterate, I do think that the
DOMBuilder is a very strong interface, since it allows access to so many
advanced features, and is not too complicated for occasional use. But the
verbosity of that method, and the sheer number of times DOM applications
need to load XML into elements means that code quickly becomes unreadable.

The current spec standardizes the load and loadXML methods, but provides
nothing like the even more useful innerHTML attribute. A simple method for
quickly getting XML into elements is necesarry for all but trivial DOM work,
and the current method is too verbose for an operation that occurs so often.


Received on Tuesday, 5 November 2002 01:58:58 UTC