Re: Level 3 XPath doesn't feel right

On Tuesday, 10/29/2002 at 09:11 EST, "Dominic Chambers" 
<> wrote:
> 1. XPathEvaluator should be implemented by objects  that currently 
> Node, not
>     Document, since you need to have  the context node anyway, and 
> node.evaluate(expr),
>     is cleaner and more OO than  document.evalute(expr, node).

In isolation, I would agree with you. However, I believe the intent was to 
allow stand-alone implementations of the XPathEvaluator which could be 
combined with DOMs that don't directly support this feature; the process 
of obtaining the evaluator would be different but thereafter the code 
would be the same, minimizing the multi-pathing/recoding needed to go from 
built-in to stand-alone implementations or vice versa. If we accept that 
goal, we do need to be able to pass the node explicitly.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

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