Re: usemap referencing external map definitions

The DOM WG discussed this issue and decided to take no action in 
responce to this issue for the DOM HTML Level 2 specification. The 
reasons are that there are no (or at least not enough) implementations 
out there that support external usemap's, and this is still an open 
issue in the HTML WG. Therefore this issue is now closed for DOM HTML 
Level 2.

 > The message at the following link introduces some issues we've
 > encountered with the usemap attribute of IMG and OBJECT.
 > The issues relate to usemap referencing an external html file
 > containing the MAP information, and, in part, how those imported
 > elements exist within the DOM environment of the host document. We
 > have encountered multiple implementation issues related to correct
 > DOM support of what is largely a feature of convenience.
 > For context, I am including the relevant portion of that message
 > below. The developer Tantek references in the blockquote is me.
 > Brad Pettit


Received on Wednesday, 23 October 2002 16:41:56 UTC