Dear Sir,

I write to solicit your support to enable me execute a very 
lucrative and high profiting business transaction. I am very 
confident that with trust and understanding, we would be able to 
execute this business to
our mutual benefit and believe that you will not let me down the 
trust and confidence I am willing to repose in you.

I worked with an international solid mineral company  in
Nigeria as a purchasing manager. We were major suppliers of a 
brand solid mineral to some foreign firms but due to the sudden 
death of my boss. The company was forced to close down; hence all 
local staffs were laid off.

Due to my working relationship with this client, some of them are 
still in contact with me, asking me to be their main supplier of 
the same mineral, which can only be source in Cotonou, Benin 
Republic, the west
coast of Africa. The name of the solid mineral in demand is called 
have been able to source for it from a particular family mining 
farm in Cotonuo. And they have over 500,000pcs of the CUPA and 
each is going for US$10.00 per pcs.

The foreign firm is ready to buy it for US$40.00 per pcs and this 
supply will be for a quarterly basis.

My major problem now is how to finance this business, which is so 
lucrative that the profit margin is enormous and fat.If you 
indicate your interest, I will immediately introduce you as the 
new supplier of the solid mineral to the company that needs this
product. As the broker, I will be entitle to 30% commission of the 
total net profit, which is subjected to negotiation.

While I await your prompt response, I look forward to doing this 
business with you.

Yours sincerely,

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Received on Wednesday, 23 October 2002 12:28:26 UTC