Beloved in Christ,

It is a priviledge to hear from God and it gives me joy to relate my
testimony to you haven't received instruction from God through divine
revelation. I was a Moslem and a retired military top officer in
Army that served under the past military regime. I was the financial
secretary to the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC).
During my service year,I was a member of a committee on contract allocation
and implementation from 1983 to 1998.It was then uncovered that some
contractors collected fund and never did the job.On the cause of
interrogation,some owed up to a delibrate withdrawer to the job on
agreement with some top Government Officials who had personal
interest.A total sum of $15.5m USD was personally saved by me as a
proceed from the gratification giving to me by various parties
indicted with even some properties like the only house I owe and live
in now.
I then decided to bank in this fund in a bank account since then
getting some interest and had since been retired from service.I was
converted from Moslem to Christian when I
was preached the words of God through my cousin's Pastor Tunde
I then gave my life to Christ and became a born again Christain.
Since I
gave my life to Christ, I had no rest of mind, I then decided
to seek the
face of God for forgiveness and after fasting and prayer through
Divine Revelation, the Almighty God revealed to me that the only way
I could
have rest of mind is when I used all my money to do the work of God. I
immediately disclosed my revelation to my Pastor and he was happy with me. I
have been thinking of the particular thing to do for my God before this
present civilian president of my country set up a panel (Honourable Oputa
Panel) to probe the Bank Account of the past Military officers like me.
Instead of loosing this money to my government.Though I have repented
but can neither loose my house now and live in non or return the fund
to another set of probe panel who will end up doing same thing I did
without actually being utilize by the government.It is even worst
donating such fund here locally to any Ministry as eventually it
could lead to probing the source of income should there be tip off.It
was then advice by Pastor Tunde to better seek a foreign Gospel
Ministry and sow it as seed.
All procedure of transfer will be borne by me and no element of any
fee will be asked of you only trust and information were the fund
could be wired into an account.Send to me necessary banking
information and bank address,Your telephone and fax number.Reach me
on the above email or alternatively    (amlinks@myself.com)We
can have a better understanding and perfect it to the glory of
God.For the earth is the Lord and its fullness thereof,we must not
allow this silver and Gold go back into the hands of the Gentiles.
This is real and not a joke and only a few days of our communication
will separate the actualisation Look not unto the past but what you
can do to help me out as it will even give room in our eventual
meeting in your ministry and help to save my family future.I will
await your response by email and it will give encitement sowing this
fund into your Ministry.


Bro Victor Musa.

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Received on Wednesday, 23 October 2002 00:32:37 UTC