Re: Worth adding "avoid createElement()/createAttribute()"?

> This must mean that some people do not read 
> the DOM specification in its entirety when 
> they start using the DOM.

Realistically, nobody but an implementer reads the spec. Everyone else 
reads tutorials, of varying quality.

But many aren't reading tutorials either. Like it or not, that's an 
indication of the DOM's success. It's 
easy enough to use that people can dive in and operate it "by guess and by 
 golly", and popular/powerful/widespread enough that people _want_ to do 

Everything in the DOM FAQ *should* be something you could find in or infer 
from the spec, if you read it carefully enough and understand all the 
implications. But people don't always realize what's important, or don't 
have the sophistication to draw  those inferences. This is why FAQ 
documents exist, after all.

Received on Friday, 18 October 2002 09:41:23 UTC