Re: DOM2 HTML / HTMLTableRowElement / rowIndex

There has been no response to my previous query/proposal so I am
reposting it
with hard-coded word wrapping in hope we will get some feedback. We need
confirm whether existing implementations -- which are in violation of
the spec --
should be followed in a new implementation.



We would like to propose an erratum to DOM2 HTML regarding
the rowIndex property of HTMLTableRowElement. This is so the
DOM2 HTML specification will reflect the behavior of 2 currently
interoperable implementations: IE 6 for Windows and Netscape 6.

Where the specification reads: "This is in document tree order
and not display order. The rowIndex does not take into account
sections (THEAD, TFOOT, or TBODY) within the table." 

The proposed erratum is: "This is in logical order and not in
document order. The rowIndex does take into account sections (THEAD,
TFOOT, or TBODY) within the table, placing THEAD rows first in the
index, followed by TBODY rows, followed by TFOOT rows."

The documentation of the rowIndex parameter for
and HTMLTableElement::insertRow could be clarified by language similar
the proposed erratum. For example, the HTMLTableElement::deleteRow
specification currently states "This index starts from 0 and is relative
to all the rows contained inside the table, regardless of section

In the above, "Regardless of section parentage" could mean order within
the table element of the document, or display order.

Brad Pettit
Microsoft Corp.

Received on Saturday, 7 September 2002 22:20:32 UTC