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Not deleting the spam was an oversight on my part, I apologize.

I said DNSBL ("Domain Name Service-delivered Blocking List"), not RBL
("Relay Blocking List"), it has nothing to do in particular with open relays
though it doesn't exclude that either - and most of those are very much

Osirusoft, SPEWS, ORDB, Spamhaus, SpamSites, Spambag .. there are plenty to
take from and the reduction in spam is very significant (I have several
accounts that would be unusable without these DNSBLs).

As part of subscribing to the list, might I suggest that one is told that
any emails sent to the list is automatically let through (unmoderated) -
provided that the sender is not on any of the DNSBL that the list uses.
Picking a set of suitable lists should be easy, and I would recommend using
OsiruSoft as it combines several DNSBLs in one, allowing you to define what
kind of mail you do not want on the list (mail from confirmed spam sources,
mail from open relays, etc.):

OsiruSoft would have prevented this spam from ever entering the list, if W3
had checked it before sending it further:

Merely checking the From address is insufficient. Might I recommend reading in general. It is my hope that the list can become
spamfree if the administrators choose to use one or more DNSBL.

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Yet you only compound the problem by not deleting the non work friendly
material from your reply?

The issues with moderation are already addressed slightly in the respect
that you have to subscribe to the list to be able to post to the list. - all
you need to do is hijack an exisiting members email address (which is
insanely easy), and you too can post to it.

The RBL lists would only stop relay of messages, not unsolicited content.
Most of the RBLs are now paid for services, although a few free providers
remain, but I've noticed personally a lot of spam coming from non RBL'd
sources, particularly from chinanet (the ISP, not the whole country).
Technically, they don't allow relay, so they wouldn't end up in an RBL, but
that won't stop their users sending huge amounts of unsolicted commercial
email, will it?

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I have enjoyed being subscribed to this list, but unless some moderation (or
semi-moderation though use of DNSBL to reduce spam) comes in place I will
have to be forced to unsubscribe.

This is no longer a work-friendly list. Maybe I will resubscribe in the
future from home, where I have no problems in looking at pornographic

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