Re: Comment/Suggestion: DOM L3 L&S

Open to suggestions.  Coming from Apache's Xerces C++ implementation I'd 
suggest an URL.

Say: for error codes defined as part of the 
DOM standard here for Apache specific error codes.

I know this does raise issues wrt to mapping implementation errors to w3c 
defined errors, and also implementations must decide when to return DOM 
error codes and when they should return error codes in other domains but I 
can't see a way to allow callers to have fine granularity of control any 
other way.  This also allows W3C to grow the error code set as the general 
community require yet allowing implementations to press ahead without 
extending the standard through proprietry interfaces/methods.

"Fred L. Drake, Jr." <>
30/08/2002 01:11 PM

        Subject:        Re: Comment/Suggestion: DOM L3 L&S writes:
 > My suggestion is to extent the exising DOMError interface to
 > include two more read only attributes: domain (DOMString) and error
 > code (unsigned short).

From your description, it sounds like "domain" will be identify some
broad area in which the error codes will be interpreted; is this
right?  Would example domains be things like "XML Conformance",
"System Error", ...?


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