Last Call Comments and Issues - Dom3 events


Please accept these comments from the Protocols and Formats WG.



After review of the DOM3 events specification we believe this is a major
step forward in supporting assistive technologies. In particular, The new
event specification provides us with device independent events, the ability
to enumerate the triggerable events for elements within the DOM, based on
event type, and the ability to trigger those events. The ability to
enumerate and trigger events is an essential requirement for the upcoming
User Agent Accessibility Guidelines. The ability to activate events in a
device indpendent way is essential in support of alternative input
solutions.  All event model requirements for DOM3 were met except one.

A requirement that is not met is the ability to attach a description to
event handlers registered in the DOM and to be able to access that
description when enumerating events for a given element. This requirement,
"Access to scripting semantics and activation schemes," was part of the DOM
3 requirements submission by the PF group Discussions with the DOM
and UA working group regarding the DOM 3 event model led us to believe that
we would need a more robust mechanism other than simply just adding
descriptive text. One such mechanism could be through the use of linked RDF
document information. We would like to investigate this more with the DOM
working group either for this release of the DOM or the next.

Received on Friday, 16 August 2002 23:01:03 UTC