IsEqualNode() and normalization

On the most recent DOM 3 Core working draft, fourth bullet point for 
isEqualNode states that "normalization can affect equality; to avoid 
this, nodes should be normalized before being compared." 

However, the draft does not say who should do the normalization.  One 
would expect the user to be responsible for this before calling 
isEqualNode(), but the way it is written makes it sound as if the 
implementation should do the normalization, since the note about 
normalization is thrown into the section on what the implementation 
should check when testing for node equality, in addition to not 
explicitly stating who should be responsible for the normalization.

A clarification of this would be much appreciated.

Christopher Aillon
Netscape Communications Corp.

Received on Wednesday, 7 August 2002 04:38:55 UTC