Re: Load-and-Save DOMWriter.newLine attribute

>      What precisely is meant by "Any string" in the text I've cited?  Does 
> it mean that the value of the attribute could be equal to the string 
> "EOL", or does the string have to be composed only of what are typically 
> used as end-of-line characters (i.e., #xA and #xD)?

In the former case, what, if anything, should be done about existing
instances of the string "EOL" in text or CDATA nodes?  Should they be
escaped somehow?  Or should the resulting output simply have "bogus"

Wallet [n]: Mythical object rumored to carry
mysterious, disappearing substances referred to as
"money" or "cash" (not to be confused with the C
Shell).  The association of this "money" to real life
is currently being researched by R&D (put Reality in
the Background; Dammit).  Full results are expected
RSN, however, preliminary results indicate that this
substance "money" is often required to obtain such
necessities as computers, pizza, hard drives, caffeine,
a network connection, and resolving the conflict
between ordering the pizza and maintaining your network

Received on Tuesday, 30 July 2002 15:44:49 UTC