Re: Enumeration of EventListeners in DOM Level 3 Events

Here are some possible use cases:

1. Someon with a visual impairments that uses assistive technologies (AT) 
to render web resources through speech output (IBM Home Page Reader, 
Freedom Scientific JAWS or GW-Micro Window Eyes) benefit, since speech 
output ATs can use the DOM to enumerate the event handlers and allow the 
user to listen to the list of possible user activated events using only 
keyboard commands.  The user could choose to trigger one of the event 
handlers from the list using keyboard commands.  In this case it is 
important for the AT to be able to figure out what user interface event 
handlers are associated with each element in a resource.

2. Someone with a physical disability cannot use the standard pointing 
device on a browser and uses a plug-in which allows them to to identify and 
activate active elements in a web resource.  In this case the plug-in needs 
to be able to find out which events are associated with each element.

3. Someone with a cognitive disability does not want to have new windows 
opened when they load a web resource.  By looking for "onLoad" events a 
plug-in could be used to filter out or prompt the user before opening any 
new windows. In this case the plug-in needs to be able to find out if there 
are any on load events and then determine if any of the scripts associated 
with the event open new windows.

Are these the types of use cases you are looking for?


Received on Wednesday, 12 December 2001 09:26:42 UTC