Re: The phrase: Node created by Document needs clarification

At 10:24 AM 8/30/01 -0500, you wrote:
>There should be a text node between <bold> and <italic> elements.  It would
>seem to a bug in the implementation that you are using, which,
>unfortunately, you did not specify either the implementation or version.
>You might look for a different version of the parser or a parser
>configuration flag like ignoreWhitespace or ignoreElementContentWhitespace
>and set that to false in case the behavior was an overaggressive elimination
>of whitespace.  It is also possible that the text node but was wrongfully
>eliminated when written out to a file.

Or, the DOM implementation uses node->normalize() function which removes 
the whitespaces and joins all adjacent text nodes. An expected 
normalization of the nodes is taken into considereation by I18N Working 
Group, as is stated on the DOM core website.

Is the user's job to preserve whitespaces (e.g) for correct output when 
using DOM implementations?

I'm new on this mail-list, so forgive me if i'm asking something that 
already was asked, but i didn't quite finished browsing all the articles in 
the mail-list...

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