Re: DOM Stripes Empty Space between tags - HELP

There should be a text node between <bold> and <italic> elements.  It would
seem to a bug in the implementation that you are using, which,
unfortunately, you did not specify either the implementation or version.
You might look for a different version of the parser or a parser
configuration flag like ignoreWhitespace or ignoreElementContentWhitespace
and set that to false in case the behavior was an overaggressive elimination
of whitespace.  It is also possible that the text node but was wrongfully
eliminated when written out to a file.

To report a bug or get help on a specific implementation, you should use an
appropriate newsgroup, mailing list or bug reporting system.  For example,
microsoft.public.xml for MSXML.

Received on Thursday, 30 August 2001 11:25:05 UTC