Re: DOM status 20010827

From: "Michael B. Allen" <>

> > 1.2.2. Event capture
> >
> > "A capturing EventListener will not be triggered by events dispatched
> > directly to the EventTarget upon which it is registered."
> >
> > Could you point me to the text that describes how you dispatch an event
> > directly to the EventTarget? I can't find it by inspection, but it's
> > probably staring me in the face.
> Well it's as simple as triggering the event listeners for that Node. The
> third sentance of 1.2.1. Basic event flow pretty much says this. So
> simple, there's not much to say about it I guess.

Well, it says there " If neither event capture or event bubbling are in use
for that
particular event,..." I can find text that says how you prevent bubbling for
a particular event (you set 'bubbling' to false in the object that
represents the event), but not how to prevent capture.

Event *listeners* can choose not to capture, but I don't see how *events
themselves* can choose not to be captured.



Received on Monday, 27 August 2001 14:32:20 UTC