RE: getElementsByTagNameNS

Julian F. Reschke wrote:

> Is it generally true that with the DOM level 2 methods, a 
> namespaceUri of
> (null) can be used for elements which arent's in a namespace, 
> while the behaviour for "" (empty string) is undefined?

The specs is written in terms of null strings, however not all potential "DOMString"'s have a representation for null (for example, C++ Standard Template Libraries std::basic_string<>, Mozilla's
nsString and ECMAScript's String).

This results in most uses of null as an string argument from Jscript or Javascript within a browser to fail and so "" is safer in practice, but relies on non specified behavior.

I believe the Work Group is trying to find a resolution to this, there was an errata for hasFeature() to address this for its case.

Received on Thursday, 23 August 2001 14:22:42 UTC