Re: [Erratum] core-14. DOMImplementation.hasFeature (Re:hasFeature with "unspecified" version)

Thomas Much wrote:
> am 11.07.2001 23:57 Uhr schrieb Philippe Le Hegaret unter
> >
>   "[...] If the version is null or empty string, supporting any version of
>    the feature causes the method to return true."
> Maybe this should better read
>   "If the version is null (or undefined) or empty string..."
>                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> because in ECMAScript the most common way to not supplying an argument is
> leaving that argument "undefined" (which is a valid ECMAScript value), so
> you'd just call
>   document.implementation.hasFeature("XML")
> instead of
>   document.implementation.hasFeature("XML",null)

It seems that the undefined value is not supported in Mozilla. We'd better
stick with our current wording and let the implementations dealing with the
undefined value if they want too (but the spec will not recommend to do that).


Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2001 16:50:11 UTC