Re: DocumentEvent.createEvent() : was [Events] removeEventListener...

I agree that the wording of the description for DocumentEvent.createEvent() is ambiguous, and should be fixed.

However, in the sections that follow (1.6.1 to 1.6.5) there are Note: paragraphs (I think these are normative, not just informative) that very clearly state the argument that should be passed to
createEvent() to create an Event object of a desired type.  In each case, the plural module name is correct.  The interface name is incorrect.

In response to your particular example below, note that the spec says that the correct way to create a plain Event object is by passing the argument "HTMLEvents"!

    David Flanagan

"Arnold, Curt" wrote:

> Thanks for the reiteration.
> Is there any response forthcoming on the other issue raised in, that of the values for the type argument to
> DocumentEvent.createEvent().  Xerces-J responds to an case-sensitive match of "Event" (interface interpretation) and Mozilla responds to a case-insensitive match of "Events" (feature interpretation)
> and there is not one string that would work for both.  As described in the referenced message, the passage is vague and potentially inconsistent and either reading is reasonable.

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