one more CSSStyleDeclaration problem

The CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty() method specification does not
restrict the method to only setting the values of CSS properties that
are already specified in the style declaration, so I assume that it can
also be used to add new CSS properties and their values to the style

The problem is, however, that when it is used to add new properties, it
does not specify where the new property name gets put in the list of
names that is indexed by the item() method.

Since the item() method is not guaranteed to return names in source-code
order, I'm assuming that the intent is that this may be backed by a set
or hashtable implementation.  In this case, adding a new property to the
set could totally shuffle the order in which the property names are
returned by item()....  If this is the intent, it needs to be stated
explicitly.  Alternatively, the method needs to state that newly added
properties are added at the end of the list of names.

	   David Flanagan

Received on Friday, 17 August 2001 01:53:03 UTC