minor ambiguity in DOM Level 2 CSS spec

The DOM Level 2 CSS spec says this about the
CSSStyleDeclaration.getPropertyPriority() method:

    Used to retrieve the priority of a CSS property (e.g. the "important"
    qualifier) if the property has been explicitly set in this declaration

    Return Value: A string representing the priority (e.g. "important") if
    one exists. The empty string if none exists.

My reading of the return value section is that if the property is
specified, but has no priority, this method returns the empty string.
It does not say what the return value is if the there is no explicit
specification of the named property.  This is troubling especially since
the first sentence raises the question of whether the property is
explicitly set or not.

By analogy with other methods of the same interface, I assume that the
empty string is returned in this case as well, but it would also be
sensible for the method to return null in the case that the named
property doesn't exist at all.

	 David Flanagan

Received on Friday, 17 August 2001 00:46:49 UTC