Re: value property of the HTMLSelectElement

Okay, so  you're saying that the value attribute of a select element s is the
same thing as
s.options[s.selectedIndex].value.  This is a useful shortcut.  Still, since
HTML does not define a value
attribute for the <SELECT> tag, I think the spec needs to be clarified to say
exactly what this value
property is.

    David Flanagan

Thomas Much wrote:

> am 09.08.2001 2:46 Uhr schrieb David Flanagan unter
> > The DOM Level 1 specification (1st edition) and the working draft of the
> > DOM Level 2 HTML specification both specify that the HTMLSelectElement
> > interface has a property named "value" which is documented as "the
> > current value of the form control".
> The current value of the form control is the value of the currently selected
> OPTION - it's a convenient shortcut, and most Mac browsers (MSIE, NS6, Moz,
> Opera, iCab) support it. I suppose Windows browsers do the same.
> bye, Thomas

Received on Thursday, 9 August 2001 13:17:29 UTC